2017 is an excellent year for Sangiovese in Tuscany

How can it be that Sangiovese is reported to arrive at excellent quality in a year with Spring frost, Summer draught, and boar feeding on grapes to the extent that it is a real problem? Sangiovese is harvested later than other varieties in Tuscany. In 2017, this turned out to be a blessing.

Almost all other varieties had already been harvested due to the very hot and dry Summer. On top of that, most of them one or two weeks earlier than usual in order to arrive at as good quality as possible. For some varieties, grapes were harvested already in mid August – another record from 2017.

Then, in early September, the rain came and gave that little extra push to the Sangiovese vines. Reports claim that 2017’s Sangiovese harvest is of an excellent quality. We are looking forward to when they will be on the market in 2020 and 2021. Given the 25% drop in production, and this years unanticipated costs for the farmers, it is likely that we will see prices going up. It is not an unlikely scenario that this will start already 2018.