Why A Wine Grapes App?

Imagine you are on holiday. In a shop window you see an interesting bottle of wine. Entering the store, however, you realise that the person behind the counter does not speak English. The bottle’s label says “Schwartze Riesling” and you feel lost. Now, what is this? Riesling produces white wine and you know that “Schwarz” means “Black”. Is this a red Riesling? Or what?

With the 200+ Wine Grapes App in your smart phone, you will quickly find out that Schwarze Riesling is a synonym for a grape called Pinot Meunier. Continuing reading about the grape, you find that it is known also under another synonym – Müllerrebe. It is used to produce three different kinds of wine: dry, rosé, and sparkling.

The app will also tell that Pinot Meunier grapes have high acidity and flavours of red fruit. Wines are fairly light, and as food pairing a not too heavily seasoned lamb dish is suggested. Even more importantly, the Pinot Meunier dry varietal wines from the region in Germany where you are on holiday, are known to be particularly good. Great! You leave the shop with two bottles.

Six Reasons You Will Love The 200+ Wine Grapes App

205 Wine Grapes

The 200+ Wine Grapes app covers a large number of varieties in order to be at your assistance when there is something you need to know about a certain grape. Look in the list to see which one’s there are

8500 Synonyms

Wine grapes go by different names in different places. The 200+ Wine Grapes app gives you a unique possibility to find out what is behind any “strange” grape name you may come across.

48 Countries

There are 48 wine growing countries in the world. The 200+ Wine Grapes app reports of how each grape variety is distributed among them – from Algeria to Uruguay. Look in the list to see the one’s that you are looking for.

Frequent updating

Additional wine grapes and synonyms, as well as updates of the already existing material, are uploaded frequently. So, if you want to know more about wine and wine grapes, stay tuned by following our Facebook page 200+ Wine Grapes

Learning The Wine Language

Do you want to improve you “wine language” skills? The 200+ Wine Grapes app is here to give you a hand! The Wine vocabulary is a section where a number of wine terms are explained. You find it by pressing the symbol in the app’s upper left corner.

Only USD 1.99

USD 1.99 is less than half of what you pay for a Wine Magazine.
The app can be used on two devices simultaneously. Loggin in on a third device, and you will automatically be logged out from one of the other devices.

Look Inside!

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Grapes and More

Here, in the webpage’s section “Grapes and More”, you find information complementary to what you find in the 200+ Wine Grapes app. At present there is a list of the 205 grapes, together with a list of the 48 wine growing countries that appears in the app.

Total acreage
Most planted grape; BlackMost planted grape; Green
Spain11.028.258 ha/2,540,881 acTempranilloAirén
France2835.534 ha/2,064,699 acMerlotTrebbiano Toscano
Italy3625.700 ha/1,546,138 acSangioveseCatarratto Bianco
USA4227.948 ha/563,272 acCabernet SauvignonChardonnay
Argentina5201.060 ha/496,829 acCotPedro Gimenez
Romania6170.292 ha/420,801 acMerlotFetească Albă
Portugal7163.552 ha/404,072 acTempranilloSíria
Australia8151.788 ha/375,076 acSyrahChardonnay
Chile9111.525 ha/275,584 acCabernet SauvignonChardonnay
Germany10102.186 ha/252,507 acPinot NoirRiesling
South Africa11101.016 ha/249,616 acCabernet SauvignonChenin Blanc
Moldavia1289.844 ha/222,009 acMerlotAligoté
Hungary1369.715 ha/172,270 acBlaufrankischGraševina
Serbia1468.999 ha/170,500 acProkupacGraševina
Bulgaria 1556.133 ha/138,708 acMerlotMuscat Ottonel
Greece1654.389 ha/134,398 acRoditisSavatiano
Ukraine1752.293 ha/129,219 acCabernet SauvignonRkatsiteli
Brazil 1849.412 ha/122,100 acIsabellaNiagara
Morocco1949.000 ha/121,082 acDoukkaliMuscat of Alexandria
Georgia2048.001 ha/118,613 acSaperaviRkatsiteli
Austria2145.533 ha/112,5154 acZweigeltGrüner Veltliner
New Zealand2231.964 ha/78,985 acPinot NoirSauvignon Blanc
Algeria2330.200 ha/74,626 acCinsautNot reported
China2429.545 ha/73,007 acCabernet SauvignonChardonnay
Russia2525.628 ha/63,328 acCabernet SauvignonBianca
Croatia2620.754 ha/51,284 acPavlac MaliGraševina
Tunisia2716.836 ha/41,603 acMazueloCinsaut
Slovenia2816.354 ha/40,412 acTerranoGraševina
Czech Republic2916.242 ha/40,135 acSankt LaurentMüller Thurgau
Switzerland3014.820 ha/36,621 acPinot NoirChasselas
Turkey3112.856 ha/31,768 acÖküzgözüSultanaiye
Slovakia3212.637 ha/31,227 acBlaufränkischGrüner Veltliner
Armenia3311.206 ha/27,691 acNot reportedRkatsiteli
Canada 3410.096 ha/24,948 acVidalChardonnay
Cyprus358.608 ha/21,271 acMavroSultaniye
Uruguay367.657 ha/18,921 acTannatTrebbiano Toscano
Kazakhstan376.938 ha/17,144 acSaperaviRkatsiteli
Mexico385.465 ha/13,504 acCabernet SauvignonSultaniye
South Korea 395.400 ha/13,344 acKyohoNot reported
Israel404.851 ha/11,9087 acMazueloColombard
Peru413.831 ha/9,467 acNegramollMuscat Blanc A Petits Grains
Japan423.715 ha/9,180 acMerlotChardonnay
Taiwan432.833 ha/7,000 acKyohoGolden Muscat
Luxembourg441.304 ha/3,222 acGamay NoirElbling
United Kingdom451.198 ha/2,960 acPinot NoirChardonnay
Ethiopia46168 ha/415 acSangioveseChenin Blanc
Thailand47149 ha/368 acSyrahMagic Blanc
Myanmar4875 ha/185 acSyrahSauvignon Blanc
Grape nameColourWorld-wide acreageWorld-wide rank (2010)
AgiorgitikoNoir2.905 ha/7,179 ac152
AglianicoNoir9.963 ha/24,620 ac70
Aigeni Sev/ÖküzgözüNoir1.479 ha/3,654 ac214
AirénBlanc252.364 ha/623,605 ac3
AlarijeBlanc1.726 ha/4,265 ac198
Albana BiancaBlanc1.523 ha/3,763 ac210
Albillo MayorBlanc1.319 ha/3,260 ac229
Albillo RealBlanc861 ha/2,128 ac296
AlfrocheiroNoir1.188 ha/2,935 ac247
Alicante Henri BouschetNoir38.371 ha/94,817 ac23
AligotéBlanc36.120 ha/89,255 ac24
AlvarinhoBlanc5.523 ha/13,647 ac106
AncellottaNoir4.774 ha/11,797 ac112
Ansonica/InzoliaBlanc6.133 ha/15,154 ac101
Antão VazBlanc1.252 ha/3,093 ac236
Aramon NoirNoir2.561 ha/6,329 ac165
ArintoBlanc4.446 ha/10,986 ac119
ArneisBlanc1.122 ha/2,774 ac254
Aspiran BouschetNoir3.042 ha/7,517 ac145
Aspro/XynesteriBlanc2.092 ha/5,169 ac181
AssyrtikoBlanc902 ha/2,229 ac285
Athiri AsproBlanc748 ha/1,847 ac313
AuxerroisBlanc2.785 ha/6,882 ac156
AzalBlanc1.072 ha/2,649 ac264
Babeasca NeagraNoir3.122 ha/7,715 ac143
Bacchus WeissBlanc2.114 ha/5,225 ac180
BagaNoir4.108 ha/10,151 ac123
Barbera NeraNoir24.178 ha/59,745 ac36
Bayan ShireiBlanc645 ha/1,594 ac338
BiancaBlanc6.462 ha/15,968 ac95
BlauburgerNoir1.340 ha/3,312 ac228
BlaufränkischNoir17.888 ha/44,202 ac43
BobalNoir80.120 ha/197,981 ac11
BoğazkereNoir1.106 ha/2,734 ac256
BrachettoNoir1.460 ha/3,607 ac215
Cabernet FrancNoir53.042 ha/131,070 ac17
Cabernet SauvignonNoir288.781 ha/713,593 ac1
Cal KarasiNoir625 ha/15,44 ac345
Calabrese/Nero’dAvolaNoir16.596 ha/41,008 ac46
Canaiolo NeroNoir1.068 ha/2,638 ac265
Carignan Noir/MazuelaNoir75.715 ha/187,095 ac13
CarmenèreNoir11.389 ha/28,143 ac63
CastelãoNoir11.088 ha/27,399 ac64
Catarratto Bianco ComuneBlanc34.863 ha/86,147 ac27
Cayetana BlancaBlanc39.741 ha/98,203 ac22
CerezaRosé29.189 ha/72,128 ac34
Chardonnay BlancBlanc199.632 ha/493,302 ac5
Chasselas BlancBlanc13.119 ha/32,418 ac56
Chenin BlancBlanc35.315 ha/87,266 ac25
ChinuriBlanc1.225 ha/3,027 ac239
CiliegioloNoir1.830 ha/4,522 ac193
CinsautBlanc34.745 ha/85,857 ac28
ColombardBlanc32.944 ha/81,408 ac29
ConcordNoir12.238 ha/30,241 ac59
Corbeau/Douche NoirNoir18.976 ha/46,891 ac40
CorteseBlanc2.953 ha/7,296 ac151
Corvina VeroneseNoir7.496 ha/18,523 ac89
Cot/MalbecNoir40.663 ha/100,480 ac21
Couderc NoirNoir2.684 ha/6,631 ac161
Criolla Grande Sanjuanina/ItaliaRouge1.397 ha/3,451 ac220
CroatinaNoir5.700 ha/14,085 ac105
Cserszegi FüszeresRosé3.609 ha/8,917 ac133
Damaschino/Planta FinaBlanc2.083 ha/5,146 ac182
DimritNoir863 ha/2,131 ac293
DimyatBlanc2.401 ha/5,932 ac168
DolcettoNoir6.333 ha/15,649 ac97
DornfelderNoir8.182 ha/20,219 ac81
Douche Noir/CorbeauNoir18.976 ha/46,891 ac40
DurifNoir3.557 ha/8,790 ac135
Elbling WeissBlanc937 ha/2,316 ac275
Falanghina FlegreaBlanc3.037 ha/7,506 ac146
FerNoir1.799 ha/4,445 ac196
Fernão PiresBlanc9.511 ha/23,502 ac73
Fetească AlbăBlanc17.469 ha/43,167 ac44
Fetească NeagrăNoir1.719 ha/4,248 ac199
Fetească RegalăBlanc13.136 ha/32,460 ac55
FreisaNoir1.049 ha/2,592 ac267
Friulano/SauvignonasseBlanc4.449 ha/10,995 ac118
FurmintBlanc5.276 ha/13,036 ac107
Gamay NoirNoir31.927 ha/78,893 ac32
GarandmakBlanc931 ha/2,300 ac277
GarganegaBlanc15.402 ha/38,060 ac50
Garnacha BlancaBlanc7.398 ha/18,281 ac90
Garnacha PeludaNoir1.206 ha/2,981 ac243
Garnacha RojaGris2.366 ha/5,846 ac172
Garnacha TintaNoir181.485 ha/448,460 ac7
GewürztraminerRouge14.355 ha/35,472 ac53
Glera/ProseccoBlanc18437 ha/45,560 ac42
GracianoNoir3.112 ha/7,690 ac144
Graševina /WelschrieslingBlanc61.200 ha/151,227 ac15
GrilloBlanc6.295 ha/15,554 ac98
Grolleau NoirNoir2.308 ha/5,702 ac174
Gros Manseng/Manseng Gros Blanc/Blanc2.960 ha/7,314 ac150
Grüner VeltlinerBlanc18.849 ha/46,577 ac41
IsabellaNoir32.494 ha/80,294 ac31
Italia/Criolla Grande SanjuaninaRouge1.397 ha/3,451 ac220
JacquezNoir2.368 ha/5,851 ac171
Kalecik KarasiNoir861 ha/2,127 ac297
KangunBlanc850 ha/2,100 ac300
KernerBlanc4.070 ha/10,058 ac125
KuldzhinskiiRosé385 ha/953 ac410
KyohoNoir4.003 ha/9,892 ac127
Lambrusco di SorbaraNoir1.606 ha/3,968 ac205
Lambrusco GrasparossaNoir2.738 ha/6,766 ac158
Lambrusco MaestriNoir2.272 ha/5,613 ac175
Lambrusco MaraniNoir1.394 ha/3,444 ac222
Lambrusco SalaminoNoir5.003 ha/12,362 ac109
Listan PrietoNoir4.564 ha/11,277 ac116
LoureiroBlanc4.054 ha/10,016 ac126
Macabeo/ ViuraBlanc40.864 ha/100,977 ac20
Malvasia Bianca di CandiaBlanc9.336 ha/23,071 ac74
Malvasia Bianca LungaBlanc2.544 ha/6,286 ac166
Malvasia FinaBlanc3.416 ha/8,442 ac139
Malvazija IstarskaBlanc2.740 ha/6,771 ac157
Manseng Gros Blanc/Gros MansengBlanc2.960 ha/7,314 ac150
Manseng Petit Blanc/Petit MansengBlanc1.110 ha/2,743 ac255
MarsanneBlanc1.762 ha/4,354 ac197
MarufoNoir6.579 ha/16,256 ac94
MavroNoir3.575 ha/8,834 ac134
MavrudNoir1.296 ha/3,202 ac233
Mazuela/Carignan NoirNoir75.715 ha/187,095 ac13
MelonBlanc12.306 ha/30,408 ac57
MerlotNoir267.215 ha/660,304 ac2
Misket ChervenRosé4.159 ha/10,277 ac122
MonastrellNoir69.748 ha/172,352 ac14
MontepulcianoNoir34.947 ha/86,356 ac26
Moscatel RosadaRosé7.329 ha/18,110 ac92
Moscato GialloBlanc1.312 ha/3,242 ac231
MoschomavroNoir1.428 ha/3,528 ac216
MskhaliBlanc1.093 ha/2,700 ac259
MuscadelleBlanc1.637 ha/4,046 ac204
Muscat à Petits Grains BlancsBlanc31.183 ha/77,056 ac33
Muscat BaileyNoir1.422 ha/3,514 ac217
Muscat of AlexandriaBlanc26.515 ha/65,521 ac35
Muscat of HamburgNoir8.139 ha/20,113 ac82
Muscat OttonelBlanc10.352 ha/25,580 ac68
Müller Thurgau WeissBlanc22.934 ha/56,670 ac37
NebbioloNoir5.993 ha/14,808 ac102
NegramollNoir3.193 ha/7,890 ac141
Negro AmaroNoir11.460 ha/28,318 ac62
Nerello MascaleseNoir2.883 ha/7,125 ac153
Nero’dAvola/CalabreseNoir16.596 ha/41,008 ac46
NeuburgerBlanc1.030 ha/2,546 ac268
NiagaraBlanc4.670 ha/11,539 ac113
Öküzgözü/Aigeni SevNoir1.479 ha/3,654 ac214
Palomino FinoBlanc22.645 ha/55,956 ac38
PamidRouge9.827 ha/24,282 ac72
ParelladaBlanc8.847 ha/21,861 ac78
PecorinoBlanc1.228 ha/3,034 ac238
Pedro XiménezBlanc21.943 ha/53,111 ac41
Petit Manseng/Manseng Petit BlancBlanc1.110 ha/2,743 ac255
Petit VerdotNoir7.237 ha/17,884 ac93
Pinot BlancBlanc14.792 ha/36,552 ac52
Pinot GrisGris43.687 ha/107,952 ac19
Pinot MeunierNoir13.568 ha/33,528 ac54
Pinot NoirNoir98.744 ha/244,001 ac10
PinotageNoir6.404 ha/15,824 ac96
Piquepoul BlancBlanc1.492 ha/3,686 ac213
Planta Fina/DamaschinoBlanc2.083 ha/5,146 ac182
Plavac MaliNoir1.569 ha/3,877 ac209
Primitivo/Tribidrag Noir32.755 ha/80,938 ac30
ProkupacNoir15.180 ha/37,510 ac51
Prosecco/GleraBlanc18.437 ha/45,560 ac42
RegentNoir2.192 ha/5,416 ac176
Ribolla GiallaBlanc1.178 ha/2,911 ac250
Riesling WeissBlanc49.997 ha/12,3546 ac18
RkatsiteliBlanc58.641 ha/144,904 ac16
RodítisRosé4.661 ha/11,517 ac114
Rodítis KokkinosRosé3.834 ha/9,473 ac129
RoussanneBlanc1.851 ha/4,575 ac192
RufeteNoir4.833 ha/11,943 ac110
SagrantinoNoir995 ha/2,459 ac271
SangioveseNoir77.810 ha/192,272 ac12
Sankt LaurentNoir3.664 ha/9,055 ac131
SaperaviNoir8.126 ha/20,079 ac83
Sauvignon BlancBlanc111.549 ha/275,642 ac8
Savagnin BlancBlanc1.949 ha/4,816 ac188
SavatianoBlanc9.920 ha/24,512 ac71
ScheurebeBlanc2.039 ha/5,038 ac184
Schiava GrossaNoir3.011 ha/7,440 ac149
SémillonBlanc22.047 ha/54478 ac39
SilvanerBlanc7.389 ha/18258 ac91
SíriaBlanc7.898 ha/19,516 ac87
Sukholimanskii BelyiBlanc2.156 ha/5,329 ac178
SultaniyeBlanc3.413 ha/8,433 ac140
Syrah/ShirazNoir184.834 ha/456,734 ac6
TannatNoir5.889 ha/14,552 ac103
Tempranillo TintoNoir232.544 ha/574,628 ac4
TerranoNoir1.914 ha/4,729 ac189
Tinta BarrocaNoir6.172 ha/15,252 ac99
Tinta CarvalhaNoir1.311 ha/3,240 ac232
Torrontés RiojanoBlanc8.115 ha/20,054 ac84
Torrontés SanjuaninoBlanc2.052 ha/5,071 ac183
Touriga FrancaNoir11.590 ha/28,639 ac61
Touriga NacionalNoir10.435 ha/25,786 ac67
Trebbiano d'AbruzzoBlanc5.091 ha/12,579 ac108
Trebbiano GialloBlanc10.664 ha/26,350 ac65
Trebbiano RomagnoloBlanc15.893 ha/39,274 ac49
Trebbiano ToscanoBlanc110.786 ha/273,758 ac9
TrepatNoir1.358 ha/3,356 ac226
Tribidrag/Primitivo Noir32.755 ha/80,938 ac30
TrincadeiraNoir9.270 ha/22,906 ac75
Trousseau NoirNoir3.431 ha/8,479 ac138
TsitskaBlanc3.642 ha/8,999 ac132
TsolikouriBlanc7.903 ha/19,530 ac86
Verdicchio BiancoBlanc3.532 ha/8,727 ac136
VermentinoBlanc8.873 ha/21,926 ac77
ViognierBlanc11.847 ha/29,274 ac60
Viura/MacabeoBlanc40.864 ha/100,977 ac20
Welschriesling/ GraševinaBlanc61.200 ha/151,227 ac15
Xarel·loBlanc8.393 ha/20,740 ac79
XinomavroNoir1.971 ha/4,870 ac186
ZweigeltNoir10.027 ha/24,777 ac69

About the 200+ Wine Grapes App

The 200+ Wine Grapes app is a dictionary of wine grape varieties, grown all over the world. The idea is for you to have an easy to use knowledge source about grape varieties in your smartphone or tablet when it is needed; for example when you want to know more about the grape in the wine in front of you, when wanting to find a nice food pairing, when wanting to check the facts of a variety. Or, simply because you are curious about grapes and the kind of wines made from them.

Downloading the app gives you access to information about more than 200 wine grapes and their more than 8.500 synonyms. It costs USD 1.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency), which is less than half the price for one issue of any wine magazine.

The app can used on two devices at the same time. Logging in on a third device will automatically log you out from the first device.

We are continuously updating the app’s material, as well as adding new grape descriptions and synonyms. Follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter, or on this website (e.g. the one you are visiting right now) for information about updates.


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