Tsolikouri is a green grape from Georgia.

Acidity in the Tsolikouri grapes commonly reaches only medium level. This is, however, in exchange for generally high sugar levels.

Aromas and flavours are of white pulp fruit such as pear.

Tsolikouri wines are made in three different styles: dry, sweet, and sparkling. The dry wines are very often blended with other indigenous grapes.

If you like the dry varietals, the semi-sweet, or the sweet version, look for wine from the Imereti region. Teliani Valley just north of the capital Tblisi is known for producing nice sparkling Tsolikouri wine.

Food pairing
Thanks to its low acidity, a dry varietal Tsolikouri wine will be very nice with a salad.

The wine is best served at 8-10°C/46-50°F.

Where is it grown?
Tsolikouri is, with its 7.903 ha/19,530 ac the second most planted grape in Georgia. It is an important variety to the country’s wine industry with a PTPA of 16%. It is mainly found in the central-western Imereti region.

Plantings outside of Georgia have not been reported.

Tsolikouri is indigenous to Georgia, supposedly of very old age.