Tsitska is a green grape from Georgia.

It is a high-producing variety which is also characterised by its high acidity. Aromas and flavours are of white pulp fruit, citrus and melon.

Tsitska is used for production of sparking as well as dry varietal wines. Some wineries let their dry wines mature in oak.

Very little of Tsitska wines can be found outside of Georgia. Look for wines from the Imereti region, especially along the Rinoiriver in central Georgia.

Food pairing
The best pairing for Tsitska wines – sparkling or dry – is fish, salads or green beans prepared with walnut sauce. The wine is best served at 8-10°C/46-50°F. 

Where is it grown?
Tsitska is an important grape in Georgia with a PTPA of 8%. Plantings of 3.642 ha/8,999 ac are reported, which makes it the fourth most planted grape in the country. There are however no reports of plantings in other countries which is a bit strange as it is a sturdy variety.

Tsitska is indigenous to Georgia, more precisely its western parts. Very little is written about its background, and the same goes for its age.