Trepat is a not so well-known black grape from Spain’s north-east.

Medium aci­di­ty, fair­ly low in tan­nins. To­geth­er with aro­mas and fla­vours of straw­ber­ry, rasp­ber­ry and rose pet­als, it makes for a wine that is ap­proach­able and had bet­ter be drunk with­in three to four years.

The best expressions of Trepat dry varietals are to found in the Conca de Barberà (Tarragona province) and Costers del Segre DOs. It is also common to be blended and produced as a sparkling rosé (rosado) Cava.

Food pairing
The sparkling rosé cava is delicious on its own, served at 8-10°C/46-50°F.

A dry varietal Trepat is nice with red or brown Tuna, but will also be delicious with for example a Lamb dish. The wine is best served at 15-17°C/59-63°F.

Where is it grown?
Trepat is the forty-fifth most planted grape in Spain. The acreage is 1.358 ha/3,356 ac, corresponding to a decrease of twenty-three percent in ten years. Most plantings are in north-eastern Catalunia.

Plantings in other countries have not been reported.

Trepat is thought to be indigenous of its present heartland, e.g. in north-eastern Spain, most likely in the area of Conca de Barberà in the Tarragona province.