Sukholimanskii Belyi is a green grape from Ukraine.

It is cold resistant – as many deliberately bred varieties from continental climate countries. It is medium aromatic with predominantly floral aromas.

Sukholimanskii Belyi is almost exclusively used for blending with Aligoté. It is also served as a table grape.

Food pairing
Given the lack of information on the grape’s characteristics and the absence of varietal wines, no pairing suggestions can be given.

Where is it grown?
Sukholimanskii Belyi is reported to be grown in continental climate (cold winters, hot summers) area close to the Black Sea.

  • Ukraine, 1.477 ha/3,651 ac, MPG 11, PTPA 3%
  • Moldavia 599 ha/1,480 ac, MPG 16, PTPA 0,7%
  • Russia 80 ha/198 ac, MPG 38, PTPA 0,3%

Sukholimanskii Belyi is a fairly recent cross between Chardonnay and Plavay, done in southern Ukraine in 1949. Twenty years later it was released for commercial use.