Misket Cherven, meaning red Muscat, is a pinkish grape grown exclusively in Bulgaria.

Misket Cherven is a low aromatic and low acidity variety. In order to produce wines of some quality, it requires to be planted on some altitude. It also prefers wind as it has a tendency to develop mildew if exposed to too much humidity.

Typical flavours are yellow fruits, vanilla, rose, together with citrus and tropical fruits. Wines often come with mineral notes as well. In order to retain as much acidity as possible, it is harvested quite early (rather than late). Apart from being used for producing white wines, it is also enjoyed as a table grape.

You will find Misket Cherven as a dry varietal white wine, or as a blend with the Dimyat or Riesling. Varietal wines made from this grape are typically dry, light bodied and with low acidity. Colours can be from straw-yellow to golden. Early harvest can add a green colour cast and vegetative flavours.

Food pairing
A dry va­rie­tal wine is a nice pair­ing for ve­ge­ta­ri­an dish­es as well as not too heav­i­ly sea­soned chick­en dishes. Best served at 10-12°C/50-54°F, or even a degree warmer to allow the aromas to be exposed.

Where is it grown?
Misket Cherven has plantings of 4.159 ha/10,277 ac in Bulgaria, placing it as the fifth most planted variety in the country. Plantings are above all found in the central south (Yuzhen Tsentralen) and central to eastern (Yugoiztochen) planning regions. The sub region known to have most plantings is the Rose Valley Region in the centre of the country. The reported planted area has increased with ten percent in the period between 2000 and 2010.

Misket Cherven is recognised as indigenous to Bulgaria, although very little is known about its history.