Listán Prieto is a black grape* from Spain, known as País in Chile, Criolla Chica in Argentina, and Mission in USA.

The grape is known for its medium high to high tannin levels. It is a sturdy variety in the sense that it can planted in environments where only small amounts of water are available. Aromas typically are of red berries. If it comes from Chile, where it enjoys growing on granite soil, you can expect more of dark fruit and fairly rich in tannins with floral and citrus notes. It is a high yielding variety with low resistance for several diseases.


País wines from Chile commonly are thin bodied but nevertheless fairly rustic wines, very often rosé. Common flavours are red cherry, plums and roses. There are also examples of wines made with carbonic maceration.

In Argentina the are mostly used for making rosé wines, while the Listán Prieto wines of California tends to be sweet, e.g. dessert wines,

Food pairing
In Chile, you might want to try a dry varietal País wine a stew comprising dried and smoked meats. It is also very nice with a plate of charcuterie. Serve the wine at 14-16°C/57-61°F.

Where is it grown?
The vast majority of Listan Prieto vines can be found in Chile. With plantings of 3.869 ha/9,561 ac, Listán Prieto is the eight most planted variety in the country. The vast majority of plantings, almost ninety percent, are in the Maule region.

In Argentina, there are 423 ha/1,045 ac, evenly spread among a number of regions. In USA, there are 265 ha/655 ac, the majority in the California sub region Fresno. In Spain few plantings, 5 ha/12 ac is all that is left on the Canary Islands. In the mainland regions it is practically extinct.

Listán Prieto has a long history in Spain, and is thought to come from Castille La-Mancha. After it was brought to the “New World” by missionaries – hence the synonym Mission – in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, it spread throughout both South and North America.

There is another grape called Mission or Mission Male in USA. It is however another species, Vitis Rotundifolia, while Listán Prieto is a Vitis Vinifera, the most common species used for wine production.

*The name Listán Prieto is also used as a synonym for another grape (the Spanish variety Negramoll), which has no known connection to the grape presented here.