Kuldzhinskii is a pinkish grape from Kazakhstan used for producing wine as well as table grape.

Kuldzhinskii is characterised for its capability of retaining its acidity levels, also when planted in quite warm climates. It is a low aromatic grape meaning it comes with few, if any, particular flavours.

The combination of retaining a reasonable level of acidity together with being low aromatic means it is a major candidate for the distilling of spirits, which is also one of its major uses. You can find a dry varietal wine made from the Kuldzhinskii grape, but it is not likely to leave any lasting memories.

Food pairing
No suggestions for food pairing can be offered.

Where is it grown?
Kuldzhinskii is grown in Kazakhstan where it is the fifth most planted grape. It is planted on 385 ha/951 ac. This corresponds to an increase of forty-three percent in ten years. Most of the plantings are in the region East Kazakhstan.

Kuldzhinskii is recognised as being indigenous to Kazakhstan.