Kangun is a green grape, not so well known outside its heartland in Armenia.

Kangun is a late maturing grape. It is resistant to various pests and rot and possesses a reasonably good frost resistance.

Being an aromatic grape, Kangun produces wines with flavours of white flowers, honey and quince. Few wines if any are available outside of Armenia.

Food pairing
A light chicken dish seasoned with chicken or lime will be a very nice pairing for a dry Kangun wine.

The wine is best served at 10-12°C/50-54°F in order to allow the flowery flavours to get exposed.

Where is it grown?
Kangun is only reported to be grown in Armenia, where it is the fifth most planted grape. Its acreage in 2010 was 850 ha/2,100 ac.

Kangun is a fairly recent crossing, done in Armenia in 1979. The varieties used were Sukholimanskii Belyi and Rkatsiteli.