Kalecik Karasi is a black grape from Turkey that is used to produce fruity yet tannin rich dry wines.

Kalecik Karasi is typically characterised by red-fruit flavours and a good amount of tannins.

Wines made from Kalecik Karasi are viewed as being among Turkey’s best reds. Unfortunately, not so many can be found outside of Turkey. The wines typically are light to medium bodied, with a tendency to being a quite high in tannins.

Food pairing
A dry red made from Kalecik Ka­rasi will pair excel­lently with a dish
based on pork, lamb or veal, with oven roasted vegetables and a creamy
sauce. The wine is best served at 15-18°C/59-64°F.

Where is it grown?
Kalecik Karasi is grape reported to be grown only in Turkey, where it is the sixth most planted grape.

Its acreage in 2010 was 861 ha/2,128 ac, an increase with more than forty percent in ten years. It is grown in several regions with a focus in the western and central regions Ege and Orta Kuzey.

Kalecik Karasi is recognized as being indigenous to Turkey and more specifically to the town with the same name, Kalcik.