Jacquez is a black grape from USA, maybe better known under its synonyms Black Spanish or Lenoir.

Jacquez is a grape of deep colour with flavours of boysenberry and elderberry.

Jacquez is used for making quite heavy, dry red varietal wines as well as sweet fortified wines.

Food pairing
The dry reds are nice with for example barbecued beef. Serve at 15-18°C/59-64°F.

If a Jacquez wine comes in the fortified version, a good idea is to let it accompany a dessert, for
example ice cream served with fresh forest berries and whipped cream, or a cheesecake.
The wine is best served at 10-12°C/50-54°F.

Where is it grown?
Plantings of Jacquez are reported from three countries in 2010. In Brazil, there are 2.252 ha/5,565 ac, placing it as the sixth most planted grape in the country.

In Mexico’s region Suma Coahuila there are 80 ha/198 ac. In Texas, USA, there are reports of 36 ha/89 ac.

The Jacquez vine plant is a true traveller. It is likely to be a natural crossing between an American hybrid grape (Vitis Aestivalis) and a Vitis Vinifera variety. It later has travelled to several countries, also in Europe, for example to France. There are no reports of commercial use apart from the countries reported above.