Dimrit is a black grape from Turkey used to produce wines for early consumption.

The Dimrit grape tends to become rich in sugar but has some problems in retaining the for-wine production necessary levels of acidity.

When look­ing at wines, Dim­rit is used to pro­duce red wines of not too high qual­i­ty. They can be found in blends as well as va­ri­e­tals.

The wines tend to be fairly high in alcohol but medium low on acidity and tannins. Subsequently the wines are intended for early consumption.

It has a history of being used as a table grape and for raisin production, and it is only in the last thirty years it has been used for wine production. It has also been studied as a potential candidate for vinegar production.

Food pairing
As no description of the aromas and flavours of a Dimrit varietal wine has been found, no food pairing suggestion can be offered.

Where is it grown?
With its 863 ha/2,133 ac, Dimrit is Turkey’s fifth most planted grape. The major part of its plantings can be found in the Orta Guney region in mid-southern Anatolia, with additional plantings in Ege, the Aegean region in western Turkey.

Dimrit is a grape recognized as native to Turkey, potentially of very old age.