Cal Karasi, actually spelt Çal Karasi, is a black grape from Turkey used mainly for producing rosé wines.

Climate conditions can be harsh in Turkey. Çal Karasi is an enduring vine that is up to the challenge. The grape is used for producing rosé wines with flavours of strawberry and raspberry, accompanied by floral notes.

Apart from the ordinary rosé, there is also a sparkling version called Pembe Köpük. You will find the best wines in the high altitude (850 m/2,790 ft) sub zone Denizli-Çal, situated around the city Çal in the centre of the Ege region.

There is a claim that says it can only be found in mountains around the village Gömce some ninety km north-east of Çal.

Food pairing
Both the Çal Karasi rosé wine and its sparkling version will be at their best when paired with a dessert, for example a cake based on light, red fruit. They are best served at 10-12°C/50-54°F.

Where is it grown?
Çal Karasi is the ninth most planted grape in Turkey with 625 ha/1,544 ac. It is grown all in Ege Bölgesi, the Aegean region south of Istanbul.

As the variety, however also is used for producing raisins, it is difficult to know how much of the acreage that is used for wine production.

Çal Karasi is recognised as a being indigenous to Turkey.