Albillo Mayor is a green grape reported to have originated in Spain’s Ribera del Duero region.

Albillo Mayor produces an aromatic, full bodied wine. It is however low in acidity, which means it will also be an appreciated blending partner, particularly with less aromatic grapes such as Macabeo.

Historically there’s been a confusion between several grapes named Albillo, e.g. they have been viewed as being the same variety. Most known are Albillo Mayor and Albillo Real. DNA testing has however shown that they are two different varieties. Nevertheless, DO regulations still do not require a distinction between them so you cannot be sure which one of the grapes you have in your bottle. The same goes for the statistics, you cannot be sure of which variety that has been reported under which name.

Food pairing
If you will find an Albillo Mayor varietal wine, a suggestion is to order a vegetable or chicken pie, and to serve the wine at 8°C/46°F10°C/50°F.

Where is it grown?
Albillo Mayor is reported to be grown in several regions in Spain, with a total of 1.342 ha/3,316 ac in 2010 (Mpg rank 46). There are also reports of some few hectares/acres in Peru.

However, due to the history of confusion between numerous grapes named Albillo, the statistics cannot be trusted, e.g. we cannot be sure that the reported grapes really are Albillo Mayor.

There are historical records of Albillo being mentioned as early as the sixteenth century. The name is thought to derive from the Latin word “Alba”, meaning white, which could partly explain the confusion between different varieties. Numerous grapes in Spain have historically had Albillo as part of their name.