Aigeni Sev is the original name for a black grape known in Turkey as Öküzgözü. Apart from producing wine, it is also used as a table grape.

If you try Aigeni Sev as a varietal wine, you will have a fresh, fairly light, medium-bodied, fruity experience with quite soft tannins.

Aigieni Sev is often blended with the grape Boğazkere.The quality of Turkish red wines is said to be on the rise and the wines made from Aigani Sev and Boğazkere are the forerunners of this development.

Food pairing
An Aigeni Sev dry varietal wine will work well with for example chicken or lamb, and the wine is best served at 14°C/61°F16°C/61°F.

Where is it grown?
Aigeni Sev is the second most planted grape variety in Turkey with 1.479 ha/3,655 ac. Subsequently it can be found in many parts of Turkey, from the Aegean coast to the country’s eastern parts, with most of the plantings being in the east.

Aigeni Sev is thought to be native to Elâzıg, a province in eastern Turkey, known also for being the source of the river Euphrates.