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Wine Reviews – Carménère and Alvarinho

Wine Reviews *  **  Two nice wines for your Summer BBQ, one Carménère from Chile, and one Alvarinho from Portugal.   Short versions Torres Las Mulas 2016 Riserva is an organic, budget dry red wine from Chile. Made from 100% Carmenère, its fruity style is a very nice pairing with BBQ (pork, lamb, beef). Price [...]

Wine Reviews – Rosé With Muscles

Rosé. Fruity, chilled, and served while you’re resting in your favourite chair, in the shadow, on the veranda. On a warm Summers Day....  . Do you like? Or not? I used to say that Rosé is “a waste of time”. Until I realised there are Rosé wines that (sorry for the somewhat chauvinistic metaphor) not only have [...]

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