Tuscany Wine Production Slumps in 2017

2017 is an all-time low for Tuscany Wine Production

2017 is turning out to be the worst year in Tuscany’s documented wine history. For the whole region, production is down 40%. This corresponds to 145 million bottles less, or a staggering 480 million euros lost, compared to 2016.

Worst hit are Morellino di Scansano DOC, down with 56%, and Rosso di Montepulciano DOC, down with 53%.

Less unfortunate, but still with huge setbacks, are Chianti Classico DOCG, down with 28%, and Bolgheri DOC, down with 25%. The most fortunate DOC:s/DOCG:s “only” lost 25% of their production …

There are three main reasons for last year’s setback; frost in April, the unusually hot and dry Summer, and problems with ungulates, above all boar.