Most countries in Europe has been hit by one or several problems during this years season. Storm in March, Frost in April, hail storms, too much rainfall in the wrong period – make your pick.

In Italy, recent forecast predicts a twenty to twenty-five per cent loss in volume compared to the 2016 harvest, from 50.9 million hl to just above 40 million hl. Some variation is expected between regions, but the general trend is the same all over the country.

In Portugal’s Duoro, drought has led to the earliest harvests ever, starting on August 28, ending already on September 21.

From Germany, there are mixed reports. There are regions with a harvest of good quality, but of lower quantities than usual. From Bavaria, however, there are reports of heavy rainfall at the time of harvest, causing above all rot.

In France, the word is that 2017 can bring the lowest yields since 1945, down to 37 million hl (43.5 million hl in 2016). From Champagne, there are reports of rainstorms followed by rot. In Burgundy, however, wine growers are happy to have what seem to be their first normal harvest in almost a decade. This is especially true for the Southern parts of Burgundy. Chablis got its fair share of bad weather, especially an early frost. Overall, the Burgundy harvest is expected to be up with twenty per cent compared to 2016.

Undoubtably, 2017’s harvest will be a lot smaller than usual in many regions. The next big question is what this years growth conditions will have meant for the quality.