“Burgunder” Wine Grapes, part II

In an earlier blog post, “Unfolding the ‘Burgunder’ Wine Grapes (part I)”, the use of “Burgunder” as name or parts of name for wine grapes in the German speaking countries was covered.

Now is the time to take a look at how it used in other countries. The research has shown that the use of “Burgunder” as name or parts of name for wine grapes is by far mostly common in eastern and south-eastern Europe. Very few references from outside of Europe have been found.

The languages that so far have surfaced are Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, and Slovenian.

Our database contained some seventy posts with the name Burgundy and a colour, or Burgundy and “size” (e.g. small or large) in several of these languages.

Typical variations of the name “Burgunder” are

  • Burgunda
  • Burgundac
  • Burgundi
  • Burgundr
  • Burgundske
  • Burgundskii


The colours used are Black, Blue, Grey and White

  • Black; Blak, Crni, Cernii, Mor
  • Blue; Blaw, Kék, Modra, Modre,
  • Grey; Piros, Sivé, Sivi, Szürke, Šedé
  • White; Beli, Beyaz, Biele, Bijeli, Bílé, Fehér, Veiser, Veyser,

Other determinants used are

  • Big; Mare, Nagy
  • Small; Kis, Kleine, Mic
  • Early; Korai
  • Late; Pozni, Shpet, Später
  • “Bigeye”; Nagyszemu


With seventy posts, it is not doable to present all the variations of synonyms, languages, and countries here. If you would like to search for where a certain name is used, the easiest way is to look it up in the 200+ Wine Grapes app.

When using the app, you can also go to the Search option, type *, and all synonyms with enriched information will be listed for you.