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Mencía – A Rising Star?

Mencía - A Rising Star? Mencía is an aromatic grape from north-western Spain that delivers nice, fruity wines with pleasant levels of tannins and acidity. The grape is well-known in Spain, and has risen from a history of producing regional, quite uninteresting wines to a variety that, in the right hands, can produce really [...]

Why Beaujolais Cru is a Game Changer

Why Beaujolais Cru is a Game Changer When one hears Beaujolais, it is not Beaujolais Cru that comes to mind. Most of us will instead think of the annual event in November when you open your first bottle of this year’s Beaujolais Noveau. Harvested in late August, the Gamay grapes are prepared using Maceration [...]

Oh no! My wine has a strange smell!

Oh no! My wine has a strange smell! Recognize the situation? Ever experienced the feeling? You open a bottle – Even worse, it is your favourite wine – You take a first sniff in the glass and you realise – Something's not right. It can even happen that you notice something’s not right before [...]

Verdejo – the Green Jewel from Rueda DO

Verdejo - the Green Jewel from Rueda DO Verdejo - or Verdejo Blanco as its real name is - is a grape variety that is well-known and appreciated in Spain, particularly in the northern parts of the country. It is however less known outside its home-country, which is a pity as it produces some [...]

“Burgunder” Wine Grapes, part II

"Burgunder" Wine Grapes, part II In an earlier blog post, "Unfolding the 'Burgunder' Wine Grapes (part I)", the use of "Burgunder" as name or parts of name for wine grapes in the German speaking countries was covered. Now is the time to take a look at how it used in other countries. The research [...]

A Grape Called “Bordeaux”?

A Grape Called "Bordeaux"? Bordeaux has an iconic place in the World of Wine. But have you ever met a grape that was called "Bordeaux" or had "Bordeaux" as part of its name? A search in our database yielded no less than eight: Blanc de Bordeaux as a synonym for Palomino Fino Bordeaux as [...]

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